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The Lake City Mountain Crafts Co-op was founded in 1990 to assist local artists and craftsmen in finding a market. Lake City, Colorado is a very rural beautiful town in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The summer is very active and there is little need to search for a market due to the tourism to the area. However, the winters are long and very cold. The mission of the Cooperative is to provide new markets for members. This can be in the form of providing funding for road tours or promoting the members in other ways. The cooperative has a store they can sell out of which is Dolls By Lori. The shop is operated by Lori Winblood who is a member.

If you live in the Lake City area or if you visit it regularly you are more than welcome to join and as a group we will promote each other. This web page is the latest of promotional methods being utilized.


DUES: $25 per year, 40% of sales by members who do not contribute to the work of the cooperative but, use it only for sales. 25% of sales by members who actively participate and help with the work of the cooperative. 15% of sales by members who take all the cooperative members crafts to the shows.

25% of sales accomplished through this web page.


President - David Winblood, Treasurer - Lori Winblood


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via clicking on the email link below or by using the following contact information:

Lake City Mountain Crafts CO-OP
325 N. Silver Street
P.O. BOX 82
Lake City, CO 81235
United States

PHONE: (970)944-2256

Email: Lake City Mountain Crafts Co-op



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