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Purses & Hand Bags

The hand bags presented here are adjustable. They have a smaller mode which makes them the size of a large purse. They can then be adjusted to be the size of a large bag. These purses are very useful and can be expanded when the need arises to hold even more. Each bag comes with a pattern of your choice on the front. They cost $28.00 each plus shipping.

This pattern features a little girl sitting in front of a chalk board with a flower basket and books with an apple on top of them.

This pattern is the


VISA and Mastercard orders are welcome.Credit Card orders are welcome.

Lula lives in the state of Texas when she is not in beautiful Lake City, Colorado. As with most Texans she is fond of working with patterns that depict the state of Texas.

This pattern is the


The next pattern is fairly self explanatory but, is beautiful none the less.

This pattern is the


This pattern depicts Noah's Ark.

This pattern is the


This last pattern depicts a flower basket.

This pattern is the


The final image reveals what one of these bags looks like when it is expanded to the large size. The hand bag depicted is the flower basket pattern.


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Credit Cards (Mastercard, and VISA) are welcome. We also accept Checks, Money Orders, and Cashier's Checks.


Our online order form is also arranged so, you can have us ship the item to a different location for you as a gift. This can even be done annonymously.


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Expanded Hand Bag Image


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