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Lula's Beany Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags add to the atmosphere and personality of your beany bears. Each sleeping bag is customized with a specific bear's name and some of them have extra symbols accompanying the name. Each sleeping bag costs $6.00 plus shipping.

These will make the perfect gift for any collector of beany bears and items related to them.

Erin Sleeping Bag - only $8.95

Glory Sleeping bag - only $8.95

Valentino Sleeping Bag - Only $8.95

Clubby Sleeping Bag - Only $8.95

Curly Sleeping Bag - Only $8.95

Here is Curly with his sleeping bag - Only $8.95  CURLY BEAR not included

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VISA and MASTERCARD orders are welcome just click here.VISA and MasterCard orders are welcome and checks, Money orders, and Cashier's checks are also welcome.

When placing an order please specify which bear bag you want: Curly, Clubby, Valentino, Glory, or Erin.


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