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Thank you for your ONLINE ORDER


Now that you have taken the time to place your online order you should receive some form of response from the Lake City Mountain Crafts CO-Op within 24 hours. If in that time you have not received a response it is likely there was a communication problem and we may not have received your order. If 24 hours pass and you have not received a response please send us email at and Sending to both will prevent a failure in one of our post offices from stopping your order.

When you receive a response it will inform you of the cost of shipping and the total cost of the item. In some cases a 7% sales tax will be required if you are ordering the product from Colorado. If you wish to cancel an order for any reason please contact us via email.

If you have provided a credit card number and indicated that you wish to pay by that method then this response will also be used to inform you of how much has been charged to your card. Your item will ship within 48 hours which is the maximum time it should take us to contact the CO-Op member who makes these and ship the item. If it is going to take longer due to the nature of the item ordered you will also be notified in this confirmation email.

If you are sending payment in the form of CHECK, MONEY ORDER, or CASHIER'S CHECK you will be notified of the amount to send and where to send the payment. Your item(s) will be shipped on receipt of payment unless the item ordered requires special preparation time which as stated before you will be notified by email.


Thank you,

Lake City Mountain Crafts CO-Op

P.O. BOX 82

Lake City, Colorado 81235





Textiles & Clothing

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